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Green Belt / Local Plan

  • We're surrounded by Green Belt, which is protected from most forms of development. 

  • Councils can remove land from the Green Belt (or add to it) through their Local Plan. 

  • Enfield's draft (click here) removes the Duchy of Lancaster owned fields off Crescent West from the Green Belt, for development of 160 or more new homes.  

  • The Forum, HWA and ~1,000 local residents objected to these same proposals in the 2021 consultation.   

  • We had reason to believe that the fields would be dropped from the proposals, but after political intervention the Plan continues to develop the land here, as well as Chase Park (at Vicarage Farm, opposite the Pick Your Own farm) and Crews Hill.

  • The proposals to build 9,000+ homes on current Green Belt land near us were insisted on by Labour Councillors representing other parts of borough - see the most recent local election results here.

  • The local councillors' position does not align with Sir Keir Starmer's announcement on the Green Belt, as he only suggested building on previously developed land ("brownfield"), sites of lower quality that are visually less appealing, and with enhancements to local infrastructure, including schools and medical facilities. 

  • After the current (last) public consultation, the final draft will be submitted

Local Plan timetable

Regulation 19 public consultation


  • After making final changes based on the consultation feedback, the Council will submit the Plan to the Secretary of State, who appoints an Independent Examiner from the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol. 

  • The examination will assess the Plan's legal compliance and 'soundness', by looking at whether it is:

    • Positively prepared (strategy to meet the objectively assessed needs).

    • Justified (chosen strategy is evidenced and reasonable alternatives considered).

    • Effective and deliverable.

    • Consistent with national policies/laws. 

  • The Examiner will consider comments submitted during the consultation, and hold public hearings (late 2024?).

  • We hope to be represented by one of the country's leading planning barristers from Landmark Chambers.

  • The Examiner's report with required changes is binding.

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