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Date completed

Define neighbourhood

7 July 2015

Workshops & consultations

2015 - 2018

Prepare draft

2018 - 2019

2020 - 2021

Covid delay

Regulation 14 consultation

3 July 2022

Finalise draft

Aug-Oct 2022

Submission to Council

26 October 2022

Regulation 16 consultation

17 February 2023


3 August 2023

Council decision

7 September 2023


2 November 2023

Council adoption

22 November 2023

Plan updates


The NP covers the period to 2039, after which a new Plan will be required.  Before then we may wish to update the NP, for example if Enfield's Local Plan or the London Plan introduces new policies that would supersede the NP's policies.  Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) explains that the process varies:

  • Minor updates that do not materially affect the NP's existing policies - the Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Planning Forum may request Enfield Council to approve those without the need for consultation, examination or a referendum.

  • Major updates that materially affect the NP's existing policies - consultation and examination are required. A referendum is only required if the examiner finds that the modifications change the nature of the NP.

  • Error corrections - can be approved by Enfield Council with the Forum's consent.

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