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Why we need your donation

  • We have since 2021 used expert consultants to help us draft comments on the Council's proposed Local Plan.

  • The generous donations by residents have allowed us to engage the following experts:

    • Legal - Landmark Chambers and Womble Bond Dickinson

    • General, Housing & Transportation - Troy Planning

    • Landscape and Green Belt - EnPlan

    • Heritage - JB Heritage

    • Walkability - Space Syntax

    • Sustainability - Hadley Property Consulting

  • We will need more money to be represented by our barrister at the Examiner's public hearings.

  • Our senior legal counsel is one of the country's leading planning barristers, from Landmark Chambers.    

  • We hope you will help the efforts to protect the Green Belt in and around Hadley Wood by contributing to the fighting fund.

How to donate

  • We are looking to provide a QR code or payment button that generates a payment instruction, but in the meantime, please use the button below to donate (and remember to tick the box to Gift Aid, as that adds 25% at no extra cost to you).

How the money is managed

  • The response to the Local Plan is drafted by the Planning Sub-Committee (PSC), whose members are David Harbott, John Leatherdale, Lakis Pavlou, Hugh Small, Desmon Taljaard, Steve de Vos, Cindy-Lee Watts and Dawn Wellings.

  • The PSC was established as a sub-committee of the HWA to gain the benefits of its legal status, Gift Aid registration and banking facilities.  Donations to the 'Save the Hadley Wood Green Belt' fund are held in a separate bank account. 

  • Utilisation of the Green Belt fund - appointment of professional advisors, scoping of their activities, cost of public campaigns and approval of disbursements - is directed by the PSC.

  • To maximise the impact of our comments, the representations are submitted by the Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Planning Forum, a stand alone body formally designated by Enfield Council and which developed the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Forum Committee members (listed here) largely overlap with those of the PSC.

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