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Aerial view of Crescent West and Duchy fields

‘Supporting sustainable development;
preserving our character and natural environment;
strengthening protection of the Green Belt'

Latest news

  • The consultation on the Council's draft Local Plan is now closed.

  • Thank you to the more than 2,100 people who submitted a representation expressing their views on the Plan!

  • You can read the GLA / Mayor of London's comments, again criticising the Green Belt proposals, here.

  • To see what happens next, please go to the Local Plan page.  It'll go quiet for a few months now.

Local Plan vs Neighbourhood Plan

  • Planning applications are considered against the policies of both the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan.  

  • The Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Plan only applies to our area and was developed, and voted on, by local residents.  It reflects the community's view on what development should look like. 

  • Enfield Council's Local Plan covers the entire borough.  It sets a new housing target, and can remove land from the Green Belt for development (or add to it).  Councillors, not residents, vote on the Local Plan.

  • The NP's policies can differ from the Local Plan policies, but must align with its 'Strategic Policies', such as the target number of new homes.

What's happening?

  • Enfield Council has for a few years been developing its new Local Plan for the period to 2041.

  • In spite of overwhelming objections in 2021, the Council produced a largely unchanged draft, which was subject to one last public consultation (that ended 20th May 2024). 

  • After making final changes, the Council will submit its draft Plan for independent examination.  Comments you sent in during the recent consultation will be passed on to the Examiner.

  • The new homes target has been increased by 33% over the 2021 draft.  This is being used to justify the unchanged plans for material releases of Green Belt land for development, including the fields off Crescent West (see images below).

Map of fields to be built on
Fields to be built on
camera position

The Local Plan mentions 160 new homes, but the number could be much higher (500?) based on recommended building density and buildings up to 7 storeys tall.

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