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Green Belt / Local Plan

  • Hadley Wood is surrounded by Green Belt land, which is protected from most forms of development. 

  • Councils can add/remove land to/from the Green Belt through their Local Plan. 

  • Enfield Council's draft Local Plan 2019-2041 seeks to remove the Duchy of Lancaster owned fields off Crescent West from the Green Belt, and earmark this land for development of 160 new homes.  

  • The Forum, HWA and ~1,000 local residents objected to these plans in the Local Plan's Reg.18 consultation in 2021.   

  • The Council have now published an updated draft Local Plan, which they will ask councillors to approve on 6 March 2024, after which it will be sent for independent examination.

  • The latest draft continues to propose de-designation of the Hadley Wood fields, as well as large areas of Chase Park and Crews Hill.  We understand this to reflect the position of Labour councillors, who hold a majority. 

  • The Council are not accepting public comments at this stage.  Instead, those are to be submitted to the examiner in the Reg.19 consultation, which will take place after 6 March 2024 - we'll keep you posted. 

LP timetable pic.png


  • Enfield Council's draft Local Plan can be viewed here.

  • If the councillors approve submission on 6 March 2024 it will be sent to the Secretary of State, who will appoint an examiner from the Planning Inspectorate. 

  • The Inspector will consider the evidence and representations submitted by local residents and interested parties, and may require appropriate amendments to be made.

  • Although our Neighbourhood Plan could not block the release of land from the Green Belt, it strongly supports protection of the local Green Belt in and around Hadley Wood.  The examiner will take that into consideration.

  • The Planning Sub-Committee is reviewing the new documents and is again seeking expert advice; the same leading planning barrister as before has been engaged.  The Ctee will again arrange for a representation to be submitted (to the examiner), similar to the comments on the 2021 draft (click below to access the documents):

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